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I tried the web mobile version on the iPhone and it works when I selected the local storage. It did not work using the cloud (Blockstack). If cloud storage is not compatible with mobile, I would recommend the developer removing that option. 4 months ago

Absolutely awesome! Been using Nomie in various forms for over 3 years! 5 months ago

Nomie is THE app to track yourself and explore the resulting data. 6 months ago

Brilliant UI for self tracking 7 months ago

Nomie is the best. I have used this app every day for several years. It helps me link factors to my mood and it also helps me remember what I was doing in the past. It is the BEST quantified self app out there. 7 months ago

Best quantified self tracker out there and it's open! 8 months ago

Nomie is back better than ever! Hands down the best app for tracking anything. 9 months ago

Nomie is a fantastically useful app for keeping track of everything from moods and meds, to habits, food, exercise, and finances. I keep finding new things I can use it for, and I'd be far less organised without it. 9 months ago

Been using some version of Nomie every day for 5 years... Yes, I created it. Yes, I gave it 4 stars - it can always improve. 9 months ago