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awesome mail provider 16 months ago

very good and interesting 17 months ago

Very good choice for decentralized email service, better alternative using blockchain technology. Keep on exploring. Highly recommended. Thank you. 17 months ago

Because of the pricing and services that they offer for free, I would highly recommend this application 18 months ago

cool 19 months ago

Nice looking app stuffed with useful features. Maybe e-mailing to regular mail should be implemented like a basic function. 19 months ago

very useful app, i liked it! 19 months ago

excellent 20 months ago

great website!! 21 months ago

Dmail is so easy to use and we love the sense of security and privacy that it provides. Highly Recommend. 21 months ago


asdasda comments 21 months ago

cool 21 months ago

Very Powerful and I'm ready to be a brand ambassador! 21 months ago

Love the concept and UI. However, it still needs a lot of work before I can use it daily. I tried to send six emails, and I was only successful three times. The other three times, I got an error, and I was not able to send the message. When I browsed around, I got the explanatory tooltips firing every time. It seems unnecessary. This app has potential, but it needs work before it can offer a reliable alternative to regular email services. I'd be happy to update this rating after the app fixes these issues. 22 months ago

I think it was cool and I think it had a very friendly UI. 22 months ago

It is a great app 22 months ago

Awesome mail site, really secured, clear design and nice functionality and secured system 22 months ago