Make predictions about future events to earn money

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Cool app. Predict to win money. 3 months ago

Hi there! rafaprada(.id.blockstack) here! I've been using Predicto for the past month! Interesting product and concept! It's cool that you are able to bet on predictions and still make some small money out of it. BTW, I made first place in July and everything works like a charm. I would changes some things though! I wish I could bet on a tie when it comes do Soccer games predictions or, even better, bet what the core will be. The more you get it right, more stars you get. I know it's a product in the making and we will see improvements as the time goes by. Specially when it comes to the Blockstack platform. Go for it, Jef! \o 3 months ago

I've been using this app for a few days, and I think is very cool. Great way to make some money while making some predictions about future events. Great app!!! 3 months ago

it was awesome! 3 months ago

the best app for predictions, i will win money with that 3 months ago

good but not good enough create cooler app like video live streaming 1 month ago

Great concept and an easy to use website. 2 months ago

Good website. 2 months ago

Good application for those who tend to bet on sports and want to extend the variety 2 months ago

nice idea 2 months ago

Glad i discovered this little gem. Fun predicting over numerous categories such as Cryto price up/down, football scores even which film would take more first day of release. User friendly UX and a decent prediction option, give it a go! 2 months ago

I like this app very much 2 months ago

great app easy website to earn some extra cash 2 months ago

Great way to have some fun on the 3.0 Internet 1 month ago

So interesting app. Congrats! 2 months ago

Nice website! 29 days ago

it's a great plateform to predict games and to earn money 29 days ago

One of Best App for Predictions. and Collective Information. Should Add Paid Surveys as well. 17 days ago

Pretty cool! 16 days ago

Very fun and easy to use! 13 days ago

best 😎 7 days ago

По началу удивила, что у всех по 2-3 отзыва, а у того 20+. Поиграл 5 мину и понял, реально поднимает настроение, ничего замысловатого и в тоже время что то крутое. 5 days ago